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Pack 802 Feller's Cake Bake 2003

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Judges' Choice (Grand Prize Winner): Robert B  Den 9

Most Patriotic Cake.JPG (45682 bytes)

Most Patriotic: Lucas H  Den 3

Best Cub Scout Theme Cake.JPG (37410 bytes)

Best Cub Scout Theme: Zachary R Den 8

Most Original.JPG (47591 bytes)

Most Original: John Erik M Den 9

Tallest Cake.JPG (43125 bytes)

Tallest: Aaser A Den 9

Funniest Cake.jpg (29361 bytes)

Funniest: Chris S Den 3

Best Tiger Cake.JPG (52176 bytes)

Best Tiger: Lucas B Den1

Best Wolf Cake.JPG (72203 bytes)

Best Wolf: Adrian S Den 9

Best Bear Cake.jpg (55510 bytes)

Best Bear: Kyle H Den 4

Best Webelos Cake.JPG (58384 bytes)

Best Webelos: Sam C Den 8

Other standings are:


        2nd Jordan P Den 1

        3rd Gautam R Den 1

Cub Scout Theme

        2nd Maxwell L Den 7

        3rd Steven W Den 7


        2nd Brett S Den 3

        3rd Nick C Den 4


        2nd Kyle H Den 10

        3rd Tommy M Den 8


        2nd William B Den 8

        3rd Tyler H Den 7


        2nd Ryan M Den 2

        3rd Garrison K Den 2


        2nd Brian S Den 10

        3rd Matthew M Den 10


        2nd Andrew R Den 4

        3rd Justin M Den 4


        2nd Matthew W Den 8

The Printed Feller's Cake Bake Flyer in PDF format

When:    Monday, March 3, 2003

               Cake check-in will begin at 6:30pm closing at 6:50pm

               Judging and the Pack Meeting will start at 7pm

Where:   Sycamore Valley Elementary MPR


All cakes will be judged and awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd) will be presented in each of the following categories:

        Most Patriotic Cake

        Best Cub Scout Theme Cake

        Most Original Cake

        Tallest Cake

        Funniest Cake

        Best Cake by a Tiger

        Best Cake by a Wolf

        Best Cake by a Bear

        Best Cake by a Webelos

Plus, a TROPHY will be presented to the Grand Prize Winner!

Contest Rules

  • Cakes must be baked by a Cub or Webelos Scout and another male.  The male can be a relative or a family friend.  NO female assistance is allowed, including cleanup.

  • Entire creation MUST BE EDIBLE, including all decorations.

  • Cake and icing mixes may be used.

  • Cakes considered for the Tallest Cake category must contain some cake, and be completely edible.

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